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Great care, accuracy and  fastness; such are the top 3 qualities a translator must demonstrate to sucessfully carry out the interlingual transposition of a message. Far from being replaced by machine translation, quality translators are required more than ever before to ensure crystal-clear communication in an evermore connected world.

To receive a quote from LingAlter for quality translations from English and German into French at competitive rates, click the link below.


As localization consists in the extraction of cultural material from one language and grounding into another under technological and practical constraints, such a delicate artistic creation should be entrusted to experienced professionals only. 

LingAlter's stylistic finesse and linguistic accuracy will deliver pristine video game and software localization services from English and German into French to breach the language barrier and secure your products' international success.


Far from stealing away translators' job, machine translation has created new tools and needs on the language market.


Quality translators and post-editors are all the more required to guarantee the correctness of a machine-translated text. 

As such, LingAlter performs post-editing tasks to provide examine the quality of  such texts and provide competent advice and corrections at lightning speed.

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